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About us
We are a company dedicated to the geochemistry of oil and gas.

GeoLab Sur was established in 2006 by Héctor J. Villar, following his activity as a geochemical consultant, since 1988 associated with DGSI and subsequently with Baseline Resolution Inc. (Houston, TX), for numerous companies of the hydrocarbon industry in Argentina and Latin America.

Based on this experience and continuity, GeoLab Sur offers a vast number of services within the analytical geochemistry, interpretation consultancy, and evaluation of petroleum systems.

The laboratory is under the direction of Dr. Patricio Mac Cormack, who is specialized in organic analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis.

We apply methodologies originally developed and transferred by Baseline Resolution Inc. (Houston, TX). We guarantee updated techniques and worldwide standardized analytical data.

Our analytical instruments allow us to exhaustively evaluate oil and gas source rocks and their thermal maturity, determine oil and gas types, and assess the genetic relationship between hydrocarbons and their possible source rocks.

We interpret highly complex data so that the petroleum system analysts can incorporate the geochemical information into their projects and assessments.

We evaluate vertical and lateral reservoir continuity, and we also monitor commingled oils produced from various levels of a single well, or from different wells into a single oil tank. This study is carried out by means of a specific GC technique and its processing and interpretation accomplished with special software, in association with OilTracers Ltd.

In soil samples, we test the presence and type of gas to detect possible accumulations and migration paths in the subsurface.

We use forensic geochemistry correlation methods to detect hydrocarbon molecular signatures in soils, rivers, seas, flora and fauna, with the purpose of tracking and identifying the leak origin or contaminant source.



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